Buyers & SellersColorado HousingMarket TrendsWindermere Real Estate April 2, 2023

Picking up Steam

In a market that seems abnormal to a lot of people we notice a very normal trend right now.  As we head into Spring, activity is picking up.

This happens pretty much every Spring and it is happening again.

When we measure the number of properties under contract, which are set to close in the next 30 to 45 days, we see that it is significantly higher than just one month ago.

Bottom line, many more properties went under contract in March than in February.  Specifically:

Larimer County is up 27% month over month.

Weld County is up 16%.

Metro Denver is up 18%.

This increase is noteworthy especially considering interest rates dropped only slightly during the month.

We expect this trend of increased sales activity to continue, as it normally does, through the Spring and into the early Summer.