Buyers & SellersHousing TrendsMarket News January 15, 2023

Versus 2019

Because 2021 and 2020 were such unique years in real estate because of the considerably low interest rates, many people in our industry believe it makes sense to compare 2022 to 2019 when looking at the key statistics.

Here’s how 2022 looked along the Front Range compared to 2019:


                      Prices       Number of Transactions       Properties for Sale

Larimer County                 +41%                    -6%                                      -37%

Weld County                     +39%                    +2%                                     -16%

Metro Denver                   +40%                    -14%                                      -6%


Generally, what we notice is that:

  • Prices are up significantly
  • The number of transactions is similar
  • Inventory is down compared to 2019 even though it is more than double 2021’s inventory


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