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Decorating with House Plants to Match Your Décor Style

Interior design solutions come in all shapes and sizes. After all your furniture items, art, and other physical items are all in their right place, decorating with house plants can provide the perfect final touch. The best plants for your home are the ones that will thrive in your local climate while complementing your existing décor. Here are a few common house plants and their corresponding interior design styles to aid your decorating efforts.

Decorating with House Plants to Match Your Décor Style

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern interior design is ubiquitous, and for good reason. Its simple concepts, open spacing, and emphasis on natural elements make it one of the premier interior design styles for homeowners and design experts alike. A Split-Leaf Philodendron, or “Swiss cheese plant,” is ideally suited for these interior spaces, and its signature leaf holes make it a visual focal point. Swiss cheese plants will thrive in open spaces with access to natural light, climbing toward the ceiling as space allows. For the same reasons, Fiddle-Leaf Figs feel at home in a mid-century modern aesthetic.

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There’s an inherent give and take with industrial interior design in that it foregoes traditional elements that we associate with comfort for stylistic choices that create a strict-yet-visually appealing environment. Decorating with house plants can add vibrance to an industrial backdrop of wood, steel, brick, stone, and copper without compromising the edginess of the style. Both Snake Plants and Cast Iron Plants will harmonize with an Industrial space. Both are low-maintenance plants that mesh well with materials that evoke toughness and durability.


The combination of minimalism and house plants is a match made in heaven. Given minimalism’s focus on the reduction of waste and clutter and the importance of bringing the outdoors in, all signs point toward decorating with house plants. Being selective about which plants you include will keep everything in line with the fundamental concepts of minimalism—too many plants and things would easily feel off balance. Large-leaf plants are a perfect solution for minimalist decorators, such as Rubber Plants, Bird of Paradise, and Silver Evergreen.

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The Farmhouse interior style prioritizes cleanliness and an inviting spirit. Its white-washed backdrop of whites, grays, and beiges makes it a fitting canvas for the lush green additions that a selection of house plants can provide. Spider Plants work well to fill shelf space, which come in both solid green and white-striped varieties. These plants are easy to take care of and thrive in partial sun or shade. Aloe Vera plants in the kitchen can refresh the look of your shelving or counter space.

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Homeowners with traditionally styled interiors have a whole host of options to choose from. Any classic plant species will complement its traditional surroundings, but more specific choices can bring out the uniqueness in your home. If your decorations are rife with patterns and geometric shapes, perhaps a fern or Amazon Lily would help to balance the room. Bamboo may be a natural fit for your home depending on your existing décor. If you’re looking for a hanging display to fill empty wall space, consider Devil’s Ivy.


As always, research the watering and sunlight needs of a house plant before bringing it into your home. For more on decorating with house plants, be sure to read our room-by-room guide:

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