Buyers & SellersMarket TrendsWindermere Real Estate May 26, 2022

What We Notice

Here is what we notice about the market right now:

  • Listings are receiving fewer offers compared to 60 days ago – instead of 10 offers, a listing might have 2.
  • There are now several instances of a listing only having one offer.
  • Sellers who were overly-aggressive with their list price have to quickly reduce in order to generate activity.
  • Inventory is up and in some areas significantly, giving buyers more options and flexibility.
  • Home buyers who are under contract with a new home waiting for that new home to be built have been negatively impacted by rising rates.
  • More buyers are considering 7 and 10-year mortgage products in order to have a lower interest rate.
  • The pendulum is swinging away from the drastic seller’s market we have seen for the last 18 months.